Music News – June 2017

Elementary Contest Results

Congratulations to the Grades 5-8!

Twenty-three Freeman Academy students participated in the seventh annual Freeman Public School Elementary Solo and Ensemble Contest on Friday, May 5. Freeman Academy took 68 events including 23 vocal solos, 6 vocal ensembles, 29 instrumental solos, and 10 instrumental ensembles.  Results included 68 superiors.

Vocal Solos receiving Superiors:

Tyler Brockmueller, 8th; Gavin Haggerty, 8th; Angel Hernandez, 8th; Hannah Jones, 8th; Gabe Miller, 8th; Titus Roesler (I+), 8th; Maria Cortes, 7th ; Timothy Epp (I+), 7th; Noah Hofer, 7th; Aidan Kesteloot, 7th, Madison May, 7th;  Angelyn Allison, 6th; Seth Balzer, 6th; Connor Epp (I+), 6th; Kate Hauck, 6th; Autumn Jakopak, 6th; Jada Koerner (I+), 6th; Stefany Cortes, 5th; Felicity Jones (I+), 5th; Nathanael Jones, 5th; Josie Morkve, 5th; Liam Ortman (I+), 5th; Samuel  Waltner, 5th.

Vocal Ensembles receiving Superiors:

7th & 8th Vocal Ensembles:

7-8th Girls’ Ensemble: Maria Cortes, Hannah Jones, Madison May

7-8th Boys’ Ensemble: Tyler Brockmueller, Gavin Haggerty, Angel Hernandez, Gabe Miller, Titus Roesler, Timothy Epp, Noah Hofer, Aidan Kesteloot, Seth Balzer

7-8th Mixed Ensemble: Tyler Brockmueller, Gavin Haggerty, Hannah Jones, Gabe Miller, Titus Roesler, Maria Cortes, Timothy Epp, Noah Hofer, Aidan Kesteloot, Madison May, Angel Hernandez-cajon

5th & 6th Vocal Ensembles:

5-6th Boys’ Ensemble (I+): Connor Epp, Nathanael Jones, Liam Ortman, Samuel Waltner, Seth Balzer-agogo bell

5-6th Girls’ Ensemble (I+):  Angelyn Allison, Kate Hauck, Autumn Jakopak, Jada Koerner, Stefany Cortes, Felicity Jones, Josie Morkve-hand drum

5-6th Mixed Ensemble: Angelyn Allison, Seth Balzer, Connor Epp, Kate Hauck, Autumn Jakopak, Jada Koerner, Stefany Cortes, Felicity Jones, Liam Ortman, Samuel Waltner

 Instrumental solos receiving superiors: Tyler Brockmueller, 8th trumpet; Gavin Haggerty, 8th timpani, 8th snare drum, 8th mallet (1+); Angel Hernandez, 8th French horn; Hannah Jones, 8th flute; Gabe Miller, 8th tenor saxophone; Titus Roesler, 8th baritone (I+); Maria Cortes, 7th clarinet; Timothy Epp, 7th trumpet; Noah Hofer, 7th snare drum, 7th timpani; Aidan Kesteloot, 7th trumpet; Madison May, 7th clarinet; Angelyn Allison, 6th timpani, 6th snare drum, 6th mallet; Seth Balzer, 6th tuba (I+); Connor Epp, 6th trombone; Kate Hauck, 6th alto saxophone (I+); Autumn Jakopak, 6th trumpet; Jada Koerner, 6th French horn (I+); Stefany Cortes, 5th flute (I+); Felicity Jones, 5th baritone; Nathanael Jones, 5th clarinet; Josie Morkve, 5th snare drum, 5th mallet; Liam Ortman, 5th trombone; Samuel Waltner, 5th tenor saxophone.

Instrumental ensembles receiving superiors:

7th & 8th Ensembles:

Mixed Instrument Trio (I+):  Titus Roesler, Angel Hernandez, Gabe Miller

Trumpet Trio:  Aidan Kesteloot, Timothy Epp, Tyler Brockmueller

Mixed Woodwind Trio: Hannah Jones, Maria Cortes, Madison May

Snare Drum Duet: Gavin Haggerty, Noah Hofer

5th and 6th Ensembles:

Flute & Clarinet Duet: Stefany Cortes & Nathanael Jones

Alto & Tenor Saxophone Duet (I+): Kate Hauck & Samuel Waltner

Trumpet & French Horn Duet (I+): Autumn Jakopak & Jada Koerner

Trombone Duet (I+): Connor Epp & Liam Ortman

Baritone & Tuba Duet: Felicity Jones & Seth Balzer

Snare Drum Duet: Angelyn Allison & Josie Morkve


Students study with Freeman Academy Directors Donna Ries (instrumental) and Amy Hofer Vetch (vocal).  Other private instructors include Dan Graber and Ben Harder.  Accompanists included Janet Balzer, Sheila Epp, Heather Haggerty, Amy Hofer Vetch, Sherilyn Ortman and Donna Ries.





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