Freeman Academy’s Middle School provides fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students with a departmentalized approach for all subjects. Emphasis is placed on preparing students for high school by developing good study skills and discipline for more advanced academic work.

Middle School Academic Program

All Middle School grades start the school day at 8:00 and finish at 3:00.

Grades 5 and 6 have 45-minute periods Monday-Friday with chapels on Monday and Friday.

Grades 7 and 8 are on a rotating class schedule with high school classes.


Grades 7-8 students begin the school day in their home room, where they have English Language Arts, Bible, and Social Studies classes.  The rest of their day is on a rotating class schedule with the high school students.

In 7th and 8th grade English, students read and study various genres of literature: fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry. They study grammar, expand vocabulary and develop spelling skills. Students develop their writing skills through various writing assignments: personal narratives, shorts stories, compare and contrast essays, interpretive essays, devotionals, and poetry. Students are strongly encouraged to read, inside and outside the classroom.

Most seventh-graders at FA take pre-algebra. The textbook for the course is Saxon “Math 87” and includes a wide range of topics such as fraction manipulation, ratios and proportions, variables, simple equation solving, areas and volumes, and simple probability and statistics. Although students need to know how to do manual computations, students also learn to use calculators for many computations.

Algebra I is taken by most eighth-graders at FA. The textbook for the course is Saxon “Algebra 1,” but includes both algebra and geometry topics throughout. Major algebra topics include simplifying expressions, laws of exponents, factoring, simple equation solving, quadratic equation solving, linear equation solving and graphing, systems of equations, algebraic fractions, ratios and proportions, radical simplification, function notation, and word problem applications throughout. Geometry topics focus mostly on perimeter, area and volume computations and the Pythagorean theorem.

Students are required to take Computer class two days a week throughout the school year..  7th Grade students focus on computing fundamentals while 8th Grade students become proficient in office productivity software, basic photo editing, and html coding.  Both grades learn about digital literacy and responsibility.

Art class is alternated with Computer class for two out of the three trimesters.  Students study the fundamentals of drawing, ceramics, and painting.


Determining the amount of homework the average student should expect is difficult. Some students need more study time than others. As part of our junior high philosophy, we purposefully provide in-class time for homework to help create a balance in young people’s lives.

A general guideline is one to two hours of homework per day, or 20-30 minutes in any one course. These are average figures as it is difficult to divide homework into equal installments. A long assignment may be followed by two or three days with no homework.

Students are expected to keep track of homework assignments for several days in advance, and to plan their study time accordingly. If parents find that their students are consistently spending more than two hours per day on homework assignments, they should consider speaking to their classroom teachers. Parents need to help their students find and maintain a balance with all of the extra curricular activities in and outside of FA.