The aim of the Bible curriculum is to familiarize each student with the Bible as scripture and literature.

Since the Bible holds a central position in our understanding of God and His work, we believe that students should be encouraged to examine how the Bible’s message relates to their lives.

We provide instruction in the basic teachings of Christian faith and guide students in thinking through the implications of this faith as a basis for living.

Freeman Academy is a Mennonite school and explores scripture from a background of Anabaptist thought and practice. We do, however, respect the teaching of other Christians and assist their students in studying the teachings of their church and the reasons why Christians disagree.

The Bible curriculum focuses on six main emphases. Each course will in some manner foster a clearer understanding of these topics and skills. These emphases are:

  • Bible Literacy
  • Bible Study Methods
  • Faith and Discipleship
  • Relationships with God and Mankind
  • Peacemaking
  • Missions and Service


Old Testament Survey

Offered to: Freshmen
Credits: 1

This course is a survey of the history and literature of the Old Testament. Students will learn the major events and characters of Biblical history as part of God’s unfolding plan for mankind. They will also recognize the unique features and teachings of the Psalms, wisdom literature and prophesy.

New Testament Survey

Offered to: Sophomores
Credits: 1

This course is a survey of the history, teachings and literature of the New Testament. Students will study the life and ministry of Jesus and its central place in Christianity. Additionally, they will study the expansion of the church and the writings of the apostles in fulfilling the Great Commission given by Jesus.

Church History

Offered to: Juniors
Credits: 1

This course is a survey of the events, people, and ideas that have brought the church to its present place in society and history. Students will focus on how characters and ideas drive the major events and changes in the church’s thought and structures. The Anabaptist Reformation and the growth of the Mennonite church shall be a major focus of the second trimester.

Christian Living

Offered to: Seniors
Credits: 1

This course presents on overview of Christian theology with special attention to issues that have distinguished Mennonites and/or Anabaptists from other Christian groups. Students will analyze Bible and church teachings through discussions and writing. The desire is to lead students to take ownership of their faith and learn how to grow in heir relationship with Jesus. Students are also given opportunities to participate in worship leadership positions.