As a Christian school, Freeman Academy seeks to provide an atmosphere that encourages the students to find themselves as persons of worth and purpose.

Our philosophy leads us to work for the full realization of each person’s potential:

  • To encourage and cultivate an intimate fellowship with Christ.
  • To promote a life of Christian discipleship that will manifest itself in loyalty to God and in service to one’s neighbor.
  • To permeate the total school program with an atmosphere of Christian faith and spirit.
  • To encourage self-discipline that can come only from a dedication to Christ and His teachings.
  • To acquire vocational and professional skills based on relevant and accurate information.
  • To develop skills for meaningful verbal and non-verbal self-expression and interpersonal relations.
  • To present intellectual challenges that will stimulate constructive, creative, and positive thinking.
  • Through guidance and example, to foster the kind of personal wholeness and social lifestyle that will find purpose and meaning in a constantly changing society.
  • Through instruction and example.
  • To nurture among the school community a feeling of group identity which brings out a sense of loyalty and accountability to each other.
  • To provide equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, sex, color or creed.